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Attention! Bug on Android is frustrating users using PIN code

Attention! Bug on Android is frustrating users using PIN code

Last September, some Pixel users using the PIN code to unlock their Android could not sign in to their device. Two months later, it seems that this bug has not yet been fixed and is now affecting smartphones from other brands.

There are smartphone users from Sony and OnePlus who are starting to complain about the same problem. It seems that this bug is affecting models running Android 9 or Android 10.

Users cannot access the smartphone by its PIN code

This bug manifests itself when users try to use their PIN code to enter their smartphone. After validating your code, the smartphone screen turns off and then back on the lock screen, as if nothing had happened.

That is, if you have no other active or available authentication method, you will be unable to access your device. A scenario that can be problematic for those who really need to use their smartphone.

Problem will stem from a password validation process

Recent findings argue that the cause of this bug lies in a method called “Synthetic Password Key”. In short, this method compares the code you entered as stored in the system.

It appears that this procedure is not being completed by returning a null value. It is this null value that is causing Android to lock.

As far as is known, this problem is not widely dispersed in the market, affecting a small group of users. Even so, it is important to warn of using various smartphone unlocking methods whenever possible.

Google has said it is aware of the issue and has already referred the case to the appropriate department. However, a solution has not yet been sent to market.

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