Home Movies and series Artists use original Lion King deepfakes to change remake (video)

Artists use original Lion King deepfakes to change remake (video)

Artists use original Lion King deepfakes to change remake (video)

Artists Nikolay Mochkin and Jonty Pressinger used deepfakes to enhance the effects of the recent Lion King remake. In their view, images of the original animation were manipulated and imposed on the film to give more emotion to the characters. See the video.

Although the application is not perfect, we have to admit that the characters are much more expressive and visually stimulating. The larger, more colorful eyes, more expressive mouths and color palette greatly enhance the visual style of the film.

Several people who saw the movie claimed that this remake took the magic out of the movie because they are only seeing realistic animals on the screen, not animated characters. Additionally, this is a positive way to use deepfake technology.

What are deepfakes?

Deepfakes refer to the technique of combining and overlaying existing images or videos using artificial intelligence. This technology was popularized by adult content sites, where celebrity faces were imposed on videos.

Deepfakes has recently gained a lot of attention on the Internet through fake but incredibly realistic celebrity videos. One of the best examples is the following video of Barack Obama's face, with the voice imitated by actor and producer Jordan Peele.

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