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Article 13 has been approved by the European Parliament. And now?

This is the new Copyright Directive. It was approved by the majority of the Members of the European Parliament, but it is still a little consensual. It is still feared that such a limit will free speech and end the internet as we know it.

But why is Article 13 so important and controversial? Firstly, the European Union wanted to modernize copyright rules (they had not been updated since 2001). Moreover, the idea is to standardize these same laws in the various member states. Globalize them.

save the internet

This law reinforces the responsibility of major platforms (eg Youtube) for the content that users share there. Especially because rightholders do not always receive what is their responsibility. This article will also empower publishers to negotiate fairer sharing and revenue.

Memes are safe in Article 13

If you are concerned about the end of memes, you can rest easy. "Memes and similar spoofs can be used freely" for humorous purposes, says the European Commission. Whether freedom on the Internet will be limited will depend on the stance of platforms such as Youtube or Facebook.

voting article 13

For example, Youtube may define with a particular music producer how revenues are distributed at the time a user uploads their content. Everything will depend on whether or not you control YouTube in such a situation. Then you can mess with free speech.

You will still be able to share EBox articles freely.

Obviously, this law will not prohibit anyone from sharing news or other articles. Who will have to pay attention to this fact are platforms like Google News. They will have to regulate short news excerpts so as not to infringe the copyrights of the companies that produce them.

mark zuckerberg facebook

Theoretically, those who end up most harmed are platforms like Google or Facebook. Hence these are very critical. These should necessarily have breaks in your recipes. But this is not exactly a problem for the user. Also because they make millions and millions.

The rules will only take effect two years from now

For now, the Directive has yet to have final approval from the Council of the European Union. After publication in their Official Journal, Member States will have 24 months to transpose the rules. Basically, everything will be in place only two years from now. For now, Google continues to strongly criticize the new Directive.

European Parliament

Apparently the rules may still change slightly. There are less clear points in the document and MEPs like Marisa Matias are critical. The UK’s says that the measure "should defend the authors, creators and citizens". However, for now, "only defends the industry".

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