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Are there differences between PS5 and PS4? NBA 2K21 makes it very clear to you

The feeling of watching a real game

NBA 2K21

With the idea of ​​demonstrating the most notable differences between the graphs of PS5 and PS4, BBallCreator 2K has used the latest NBA 2K21 trailer based on a PlayStation 5 gameplay to extract images of it and replicate them in the version of the game for PS4.

That is, if in the clip we see Stephen Curry score in the last second, the creator of this video has done just the same in a PS4 game, in order to be able to compare the visual differences in each version under the same conditions. The result? Try it for yourself.

A generational leap

NBA 2K21 differences PS5 PS4

If you had doubts about the differences between one version of the game and another, this video could help you make things very clear. The graphic jump is incredible, and the differences are not limited to offering more realistic player models, but we can also see how the amount of live elements that the stadium has allows us to enjoy greater realism, added to excellent lighting and some much more realistic colors.

We are especially struck by the audience, much deeper and more dynamic. It is basically the aspect that surprises us the most at first glance, since the pavilion feels alive and in continuous movement. Let’s remember that 2K has worked to offer artificial intelligence to 150 spectators in the lower stands, so it is normal that we feel the heat of the public in full game. The difference between versions is abysmal, so we see no reason why not to dive headfirst into the next-gen version, as it feels especially realistic and surprising.

It is not a direct comparison, but it is worth it

NBA 2K21 differences PS5 PS4

Keep in mind that, although 2K ensures that the content of the trailer is extracted directly from a PlayStation 5, we must bear in mind that very special conditions have been given to achieve certain results. The final image has probably been edited to intensify the image (the color difference between versions is abysmal) and the cinematic camera angles have also been able to help to achieve some perspective.

Anyway, the work done by this youtuber is quite good, and it helps us get an idea of ​​what game we will be able to find when we run it for the first time on a PlayStation 5 after playing it (or not) on PlayStation 4 With changes like this, anyone is encouraged to make the leap to the new generation, right?

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