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Are Android smartphones from Chinese brands worth it?

Is an Android smartphone from Chinese brands worth it?
This is the all powerful Android smartphone from Xiaomi – Mi Mix 2

Here at EBox we talk about technology with a greater focus on the smartphone market. Buying a smartphone from China is always a pertinent issue that we receive over and over in our email box. Is it worth investing? And the updates? And guarantees?

Let's look at the market as it is before we talk about concrete equipment. Right now buying a new smartphone from a physical store is expensive. Devices are at a high price and those that are even reasonably priced are often quite questionable.

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Apart from some models from BQ, Wiko, Samsung and Huawei (in UK) or Quantum and Motorola and Samsung in Brazil, the stakes are seriously questionable. Even models of the above brands can be shot in the foot in certain situations.

First we have to understand what you want the device for in concrete. If you want to use the terminal on a daily and intensive basis, I strongly advise you to invest in a smartphone that takes you on a 24 month journey. Since they all use Google's Android Operating System (OS), the advantages of the OS will be identical in all of them.

For this to happen you have to understand whether or not the specifications of the device itself will be reasonable at that time. You have to analyze the money you are investing and what you have in return.

This is the Ulefone Mix (Link below)

When it comes to upscale we have a lot of choices in the physical store market and personally I don't think spending more than 450 € on a smartphone from China (meaning Oukitel, Xiaomi, Elephone and so on) is worth your money . So investing your money in an Honor, Huawei or even HRC with Aquaris X Pro are more comforting choices. Guarantees are made in store, are typical 24 months and if not arranged within 30 days you can, by law, request a terminal with an equal or higher value.

That's why brands from China tend not to invest in top-of-the-range brands. Sales would be lower due to distrust of buying and after sales.

Xiaomi Mi 6
The Mi 6

However, you will also find exceptions to the rule. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 or even Mi 6 is just that. These Android terminals are expensive, but only directly compared to high-end ones like the Galaxy S8 or iPhone 8. This way, the investment will be high but the product in return will be of a well above average quality. Of course you will still have the problems with warranties if you need them, but there is still nothing you can do about it.

After all, a smartphone is just a smartphone!

But when it comes to mid-range or incoming smartphones, the story is different. This is where the devices of the brands I mentioned above stand out. The specifications and features are too good for the price shown and purchases are perfect until the day the phone crashes.

In addition, China's mid-range terminals, which are sold at online retail stores, are far superior to the mid-range physical store terminals. You have for example the Nokia 3 – which until recently was being marketed for 169 € – which has identical specifications to the Umi Diamond X, which can be bought for 72 €. Even with the price of Nokia 3 at 135 € (temporary promotion) the terminal is much more expensive than the device of the Chinese company.

OnePlus 5 Smartphone Review Review
The famous OnePlus 5 with almost pure Android!

There are many examples I can give you of smartphones that will be worth their value, so that's what I'll do at the end of this article.

Chinese terminals are a boon for those who don't want to pay much for a good new device. After many of these go through my hands I can say with certainty that buying smartphones online up to 300 € is the best option.

Values ​​over 300 € you should consider more seriously. The value is starting to be more significant and you should seriously consider whether you can live without the peace of mind of after-sales service in a physical store.

An Android smartphone from a Chinese brand no longer scares!

You should also take one step before buying anything from online retail stores outside of UK. I am obviously talking about customs duties. In Brazil it is almost impossible to avoid this bullshit, however, UK is not that complicated.

Some websites offer customs insurance that will pay you up to a certain amount if you are taxed. You'll also have a choice of shipping possibilities (known as Priority Line on many sites) that make your orders play border-to-border to avoid such charges.

In conclusion, I can admit that I consider it safe and a good bet to buy online smartphones and products from Chinese brands. Technology has evolved in such a way that the differences are minimal and in many cases you will find that your money has been well spent.

I leave you with the promised, some products that will be worth your investment! Also know that if you buy from the links below you are helping the EBox project for free, a sincere thank you!

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