Apple: You can now buy the keyboard and mouse on "Space Gray" at the Apple Store

Apple: You can now buy the keyboard and mouse on "Space Gray" at the Apple Store
Apple: You can now buy the keyboard and mouse at
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Apple announced the Space Gray mouse and keyboard at the unveiling of the iMac Pro. Cupertino's new supercomputer had the unique feature of being the brand's only desktop for sale in the dark hue.

Apple has always identified its iMac by light gray tones. At some point it had the colors, but it was a fashion that did not last long. The new iMac Pro values ​​not only for its tone but also for its power. Nowhere to get you, this is the best computer in Cupertino's company right now.

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Many fans of the brand were happy to see that Apple offered with the computer accessories in the same color. The black (or Space Gray) mouse and keyboard were sold at exorbitant prices on ebay, because only those who bought the iMac Pro had an official accessory of this color.

But the exclusivity didn't last long. In conjunction with the introduction of the new iPad, Tim Cook also gave the possibility for any user to buy the new color in the accessories.

Apple is one of the few that can ask for much higher values ​​for accessories that only differ in color.

Unfortunately the price is not that it is not the same. Although the mouse and keyboard are literally the same, the value is far from comparable.

The Magic Mouse in Space Gray is currently being sold on the Apple Store Online of UK for $ 119, the keyboard for $ 169 and the trackPad for $ 169. Already in white color we have the price of 89 €, 149 € and 149 € respectively.

Something that will be relevant for some lovers to know is that the cables included in the accessories are also black. Honestly I can not justify the extra value just by tone, however, there will be no shortage of brand lovers investing in the "new" products.

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