Apple: You can already have a gold iPhone X for "only" 4500 €

Apple: You can already have a gold iPhone X for "only" 4500 €

Apple: You can already have a gold iPhone X by More than just gold, this iPhone X is golden! This is how I would like to have finished the title of this article but it would be impossible to view anywhere on the internet.

The iPhone X was released by Apple in September and a disappointment has taken hold for all lovers of gold and rose / gold. This is because Cupertino's new handset, iPhone X, offers only black and white tones.

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It's not usual to see Apple release only two shades for its equipment, at least in recent years, but these were the options for all those who wanted the latest (and most expensive) model of the cracked apple brand.

But if the market doesn't offer, someone will do it. That's exactly what made the company by the name of "Caviar".

Apple iPhone X in gold is the pinnacle of ostentation

This company focuses on offering its customers luxury coverings. Be it smartphone cases for thousands of euros, or a gold plating.

This iPhone X is plated with 24K gold and has a minimum value of 4500 €. If you want to go for textured flooring you will have to pay € 4800. (rounded values).

Needless to say, it is not Apple that charges for the price of the equipment. Even so, we must bear in mind that only the iPhone X is worth € 1179.

This is a luxury product and far from many wallets. If anyone says that there are people who only buy Apple for ostentation, it's because they haven't heard of "Caviar" yet.

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