Apple WWDC 2018 brought us the new macOS Mojave with '' Dark Mode ''

Apple WWDC 2018 brought us the new macOS Mojave with '' Dark Mode ''
Apple WWDC 2018 Mojave macOS 1 macOS Mojave
This is the new version of Cupertino Technology's operating system for your computer.

Today, June 4, WWDC 2018 started in San Jose, California. Apple's annual developer and software conference brought us the new macOS Mojave, an undated release date. According to top executive Craig Federini, it will arrive in the fall on your Mac.

Since 2013, Apple has been using its Worlwide Developers Conference to display the latest version of your computer operating system. Now for 2018 we will have the new macOS Mojave, a tribute to the California desert.

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This is one of the driest deserts in North America. brought us the "Dark Mode" or Dark Mode and several minor improvements. We will also have the arrival of some iOS applications for macOS system.

This migration will take place gradually, starting for programmers / developers from 2019. However, this year we will be able to enjoy the "Dark Mode" that will transform all the visual elements of the system. They will have a black or grayscale complexion.

The new macOS Mojave for Mac computers has arrived

Something we made known here even before the official introduction of macOS Mojave, transforming the whole aspect of the system. It will be great for photographers, designers, video makers and multimedia content. By darkening all the elements of the graphic environment, the user will focus only on the most important, the content before them. This mode was introduced by Federini, being inspired by the night scenery of the Mojave Desert.

Apple WWDC 2018 Mojave macOS macOS Mojave
The new Dark Mode or Dark Mode has arrived for macOS Mojave.

Dark Mode / Dark Mode is new to macOS Mojave

However, this is far from the only new feature coming to Apple's macOS. In fact, we also have the Dynamic Desktop or dynamic desktop. In practice, we will have subtle changes in color tone and temperature throughout the day.

Dynamic Desktop and Desktop Stacks – macOS Mojave

In other words, the work environment and color schemes will follow the day, with changes in the morning, afternoon and evening. All of this to give the Apple computer user a more natural and rewarding experience.

We also have a useful tool for the most disorganized users. It's called Desktop stacks and can automatically "stack" similar content. It will do so by date, category or type of content.

You'll also have news for Finder, the magnifying glass to find what you need on your computer. In fact you will have here a Gallery View that will present you the contents, the search results in a new format.

Apple WWDC 2018 Mojave macOS 6
The new version of the operating system will arrive at the terminals later this year, starting in September.

Here, through the "Finder" Magnifier, you will be able to see the content, presented in a similar format to the Photos. You will also have here the metadata " of cameras that may appear in a secondary bar.

At the initial conference of this WWDC 2018 we also saw new features for the screenshot tool from macOS Mojave. In fact, you can automatically create presentations, short videos with the screenshots taken.

At this opening of WWDC 2018 we also had improvements to the "Continuuity", especially here for the camera. Now you can automatically add photos to your documents by capturing them with the iPhone camera.

Greater continuity between macOS and iOS

MacOS Mojave news also brings improvements to the Apple News service. Although not available in UK, you will now have more content on this hub, this news aggregation center.

Apple WWDC 2018 Mojave macOS 4 macOS Mojave
Also the screenshot tool will introduce you to news.

Moreover, you will now have the presentation of news from the financial world such as the stock prices of companies you are interested in. All this now included not only in "News" for macOS but also for iOS. Moreover, for Mac you will also have news for HomeKit, news from the iOS version.

WWDC 2018 announced a serious security enhancement for macOS Mojave

Apple also took advantage of the inaugural presentation of WWDC 2018 to introduce several new features and security enhancements for macOS. Here you will have a native protection against camera and microphone access.

You'll also have native protection that blocks access to your messages, email, database, and other private content. Here, the Safari browser is also being programmed to block and prevent user tracking through the Cookies.

Apple WWDC 2018 Mojave macOS 2 macOS Mojave
We also had a major security enhancement for the user.

In practice, the Safari browser will prevent websites from crawling and following you based on what you do. The "fingerprint" method has been virtually overridden with this update for macOS Mojave.

Note further that all of these security enhancements will also come to iOS 12, so also iPhone and iPad users will be protected. In practice, your privacy is reinforced again.

App Store with news at WWDC 2018

Also the official application and digital content store for macOS, the App Store now has a new design. It is now more similar to iOS with a look, a much more elegant look and new categories to guide users.

Apple WWDC 2018 Mojave macOS 3
This is the new aspect of AppStore

From now on, in the categories you will have content chosen by the publishers (Discover). You will also have the new category "Create", "Work", "Play" and "Develop". You will also have video previews of the apps.

MacOS will not be merged with iOS

However, in a project that has been under development for several years from 2019 (for developers). From next year you will have some iOS apps coming (usable) on macOS Mojave.

The first apps to migrate from iOS to macOS Mojave will be Apple News, Finance, Voice Memos, and "Home."

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