Everything indicates that Apple will launch its first iPhone compatible with 5G networks this year. This is expected to be another version of the upcoming iPhone 12, however, there are already fears of a possible low demand for the model.

According to what advances Reuters, the start of production of this model may be delayed due to this forecast. Who says it is a source quite close to Apple’s production lines.

It is important to note, right now, that this concern applies only to the 5G model of Apple’s upcoming flagship models. Versions compatible with 4G networks are unlikely to raise so many concerns within the company’s management.

iPhone 12
IPhone 12 concept

Demand could fall by up to 18% this quarter

The world is experiencing odd times with the COVID-19 pandemic and this is also having an impact on smartphone sales. People are advised not to leave the house and, of course, will not buy new equipment.

In the case of Apple, the Reuters contact estimates that Apple will cut the number of devices produced by 18%. If there is no demand, it is natural that the company does not want to accumulate unnecessary stock in its warehouses.

Given this scenario, production of the iPhone 12 5G is expected to be delayed. Still, it is expected that its presentation can still take place in September.

There is no shortage of workmanship or raw material for the iPhone 12 5G

Now that the coronavirus outbreak is apparently controlled in China, production lines are beginning to return to normal. In other words, this possible postponement of the iPhone 12 5G has nothing to do with the scarcity of products or personnel to produce it.

Apple’s fear is in the demand that this model will have in Europe and the USA. A financial crisis is looming and it is obvious that people will not be so inclined to spend more than € 1000 on a new smartphone.

The same fear is being felt with one of Apple’s screen vendors. In this case, production is expected to be reduced from 70 million to just 58 million units, down 17%.

This iPhone 12 compatible with 5G will not be cheap

Apple is not known for selling smartphones at competitive prices. The most current and cheapest model of the brand is the iPhone 11, which costs 829 €. The Pro Max model rises to 1279 €.

It is speculated that the iPhone 12 5G is a kind of special edition of the next tops of Apple range. If that happens, this model could be even more expensive than the current iPhone 11 Pro Max and this will certainly retract many consumers.

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