This week there were several reports that the European Union intends to force Apple to abandon the cable with Lightning input in the near future. However, that is not quite what the entity wants.

Regulation focuses on wall chargers (wall chargers or power adapters). According to The Verge, what the European Union wants is for wall chargers to implement only one standard.

Bearing in mind that in the iPhone 11 transformer Apple already offers USB-C or USB, this is not a problem that arises for the apple company. This is a will that the European Union has had since 2009, and which it may now want to regulate.

iPhone 11
IPhone 11 Pro Max charger has Lightning to USB-C cable (power adapter input)

According to the Vice-President of the European Commission, Maroš Šefčovič, when this issue started in 2009, there were almost 30 charging methods used for wall chargers. Today there will be only three.

For clarification, as much as users want to see USB-C coming to iPhones, this is not what the European Commission wants to regulate. Bearing in mind that it already offers USB-C input for the transformer, it is probably one of the manufacturers that already fulfills this idea.

USB-C to USB-C is still only present on iPad Pro or MacBook

Apple already has USB-C to USB-C cables on its iPad Pro or MacBook. This may happen on iPhones in the future, but it will not necessarily be due to European Union regulation.

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