Following a court case in California, Apple may be forced to pay millions of dollars to employees at Apple stores. This is due to Apple’s practice of searching employees at the exit, costing them accumulated overtime.

According to Bloomberg, official documents denounce the lengthy review process at the end of shift at Apple stores. Employees are searched, in addition to their belongings, a process that can take 5 to 20 minutes to complete.

These extra minutes in which employees are searched are not paid by the company, and are outside the hours of departure. As a result, Apple store employees lose several minutes a day of their personal time to be searched.


Apple’s argument is ridiculous

In the process, Apple responded that employees choose to bring their iPhones and bags to work. The Cupertino company thus tries to justify the lengthy review process. However, the court did not accept the argument, saying that it does not make sense in modern times for Apple to try to suggest the magazine as a positive thing for employees.

Apple may have to compensate its employees

This practice by Apple is a clear violation of California law, where all employers have to compensate employees while on work orders, with safety magazines also included.

The case will be analyzed to make a decision. If the court decides against Apple, the company will have to pay millions of dollars in compensation to its employees for lost time.

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