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Apple will finally replace the AirPods Pro with sound problems

The failures of the AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro

For some time now, there are users who are complaining about certain failures in their AirPods Pro. These are related to sound problems during playback and also with the noise cancellation system, one of the great values ​​of these headphones.

However, Apple did not admit that all this was a manufacturing failure and therefore did not perform any type of replacement of them. So the affected users were seriously harmed and with the feeling of having purchased a product that, without being precisely cheap, did not meet expectations. And no, the option that some sites recommended to solve these problems and which consisted of re-pairing the headphones did not work.

Luckily, the company has rectified and after making its appropriate checks has launched a replacement program for AirPods Pro. So if your Apple headphones are affected by any of these problems, you can request the change.

  • Static sounds when exercising, talking on the phone
  • Sounds that seem like crackles or pops
  • The noise cancellation system does not work as expected, increasing the bass level or allowing more ambient sound than it should.

These failures also says Apple that only affect a small percentage of headphones, which are also manufactured before the month of October. Although taking into account the sales, the percentage will be small but the number important. So if you are one of these affected users, we hope you have not disposed of them and can request the change.

How to access free AirPods Pro replacement

AirPods Pro

If you own an Apple AirPods Pro that is suffering from these sound problems, you should know that there are three ways to access replacement. In all of them the process will be identical and the only difference is which one will be the most comfortable for you.

The first is to go to a Apple StoreIt is undoubtedly the most recommended option due to the speed at which they will give you a solution. Of course, not in all cities there is an Apple Store and if there are you must remember that it is better to make an appointment with a Genius previously through the support application.

The second is to go to a Authorized Apple Reseller with official technical service. There, they will also be able to make the appropriate checks to verify that the problems are those accepted by said support program and they will process the replacement.

And finally there is the online support service. Here they will also have to verify that your AirPods suffer from these problems, so you will have to send the headphones and wait a few days until the replacement arrives, but with any of them you can enjoy your AirPods Pro as it should be.


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