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Apple will compensate for the youngster who discovered Facetime bug

You probably know about Apple's recent controversy on Facetime. An error seriously compromised the safety of platform users.

Facetime is Cupertino's video calling platform. A few weeks ago a 14 year old discovered a bug and tried to contact Apple.

However, the contacts of the boy and his mother, Michelle Thompson, were ignored. Apple eventually responded after a period of silence.

Apple will compensate family for bug discovery

First, the apple company today released an update for iOS. The new version 12.1.4 resolves the bug that existed in Facetime. This error allowed users to penetrate other people's conversations without authorization.

Grant Thompson discovered this error by creating a group of calls to play Fortnite with friends. Immediately the family tried to contact Apple via email and Twitter, with screenshots as proof.

The truth is, Apple made an apology and thanked the family a few days ago. However, a more formal statement has been issued today where the company says it will compensate the Thompson family.

Although figures were not broken down, we know Apple will make a donation to fund Grant's future college costs. This kind of reward is not new in the technological world.

Apple has already offered $ 20,000 rewards to those who find security holes or vulnerabilities. However, it is often more worthwhile to sell these findings than to report them.

In conclusion, if you are an iPhone or iPad user, keep an eye out. Maybe you are not the next to discover a flaw and get some change for it.

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