Apple seems determined to introduce new widgets on iOS 14. However, we are not talking about the widgets already in the corner of the iPhone’s main screen.

Apparently, widgets will behave identically to those we have on Android. That is, move the widgets to any location on the screen.

Widgets is a long-standing feature on Android

Android widgets

Since I remember having an Android smartphone, I play with widgets. In fact, this is one of my favorite features in the system.

With small widgets you can make your productivity higher and, consequently, not be constantly opening an application to see certain aspects that can be shown in a widget.

iOS 14 and future Apple widgets

Apple iPhone Xr widgets iOS 14

Nothing is guaranteed yet, however, it was seen in the Apple system code traces with the name “Avocado” that indicate to be widgets. These widgets will behave like those of the Android system. The difference is that in the widget locations, the screen wallpaper will be slightly overshadowed. In order to better see the content of the widget.

There is yet another aspect that needs to change on the iPhone

I can’t help wanting iOS 14 to give us the possibility to arrange the icons wherever we want. At a time when the screen of smartphones are getting bigger, there is no logic forcing the user to have icons at the top of the screen, a more complex place to reach when the smartphone is used with one hand.

IOS 14 is expected to be unveiled by Apple at the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) that normally takes place in June. Hopefully our wishes will come true.

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