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Apple will allow iOS apps to switch to MacOS in 2019

Apple iOS MacOS
Soon we will see iOS applications on macOS

Rumors have recently surfaced that Apple could bundle its operating systems. The junction between iOS and macOS would be to stop a new company strategy led by Tim Cook. It would be another step towards simplicity.

The idea could be to create a new operating system that runs on multiple platforms. Creating a single operating system would be very beneficial especially for application developers.

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However, this theory was recently refuted by Apple's CEO. Tim Cook said that this will not happen in the future itself because users do not want this change.

But in this year's edition of WWDC, a new possibility has been announced that will make life easier for programmers. Starting next year, Apple will allow portability of iOS applications to macOS.

Apple developers will be able to port iOS applications to macOS

With the introduction of the new macOS Mojave, Apple has already shown this possibility to the world. The News, Actions, Memos, and Home apps shown represent ported versions of their mobile operating system apps.

According to the company, this cross-platform portability will be possible by integrating iOS UIKit directly into macOS. Also the framework AppKit used on Apple computers will play an active role.

What does this mean? This means that from next year, you will be able to use apps available on iOS on macOS. You will no longer need to create an application from scratch for Apple's desktop operating system.

Developers will now have the tools to port their creations across platforms. Ultimately, more uniformity is expected among the US company's app stores.

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