According to Israeli source The Veriffier, Apple’s next watch may come with an additional layer of security. In this way, the Apple Watch Series 6 will come with the Touch ID function, the same used in iPhones for unlocking up to iPhone X.

In fact, the touch sensor already exists on Apple Watch, because of the electrocardiogram function. However, the report indicates that Apple will be able to implement Touch ID in addition to existing functions. This function can be interesting for users who use the watch without the iPhone nearby.

For Apple Watch and iPhone users, a Touch ID unlock will not be of much use. Unless Apple implements other functions that make use of the sensor, of course.

General improvements are expected on the Apple Watch Series 6

In addition to the inclusion of Touch ID technology, the Apple Watch Series 6 is expected to bring a longer battery life, improved mobile data and Wi-Fi connection and even better sleep monitoring. Apple will be able to invest even more in health measurements with an SpO2 sensor, similar to the one presented with the Watch GT 2e.

It features an SpO2 sensor, which is supposed to be able to measure oxygen saturation in the blood. If Apple chooses to include this new feature, it will make the Apple Watch even more suitable for users who want to monitor aspects of their daily health.

The Apple Watch Series 6 is expected to be introduced in the third quarter of the year. However, due to the Coronavirus, there may be delays in its production, as is expected from iPhones.

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