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The Apple Watch was the wearable best seller during the third quarter of 2020 (3Q20), catapulting the Cupertino giant to the top of the charts. According to IDC data, more than 11.8 million units of the Apple watch have been sold.

The analysis and market research agency points to a 35% growth in sales of Apple Watch compared to the same period of 2019 (3Q19). However, Xiaomi also occupies positions of great prominence in this period.

The best quarter for the Apple Watch

Since the fourth quarter of 2018, Apple has not achieved such success in sales of its smart watch. However, in this third quarter of 2020 (3Q20), it sold 11.8 million units, achieving a 21.6% market share.

First, however, is Xiaomi with the largest number of smart watches sold in the period in question. With 13.5 million units placed on the market, Xiaomi obtains 24.5% market share and good annual growth.

The market for wearables wrist strap according to IDC

Company 3Q20 Quota in 3Q20 3Q19 Quota in 3Q19 Annual variation
Xiaomi 13.5 M 24.5% 10.5 M 23.8% + 27.8%
Apple 11.8 M 21.6% 6.8 M 15.3% + 75%
Huawei 10.7 M 19.5% 5.7 M 12.9% + 88.1%
Fitbit 3.3 M 5.9% 3.5M 7.9% -6.4%
Samsung 2.8 M 5.1% 2.8 M 6.2% + 1.8%
Others 12.8 M 23.3% 15 M 33.9% -14.7%

Looking closely at Cupertino’s technology, the 75% annual growth coincides with the launch of the Apple Watch Series 6 on the market, as well as the cheapest variant, the Watch SE. At the same time, the Series 3 continues to be sold.

For IDC, the market for wearables wristwatches was one of the fastest growing, with consumers joining this format en masse. In all, there was a solid growth of the main manufacturers, with the exception of Fitbit.

Third, Huawei with a 19.5% market share is slightly behind Apple, but comfortably ahead of South Korean rival Samsung. The Chinese manufacturer sold 10.7 million watches and the South Korean 2.8 million.

Apple is the queen of wearables according to IDC

Taking into account all wearables or smart wearables that include smart watches and bracelets, glasses, headphones and earphones, the isolated leader is Tim Cook’s company, with more than 33% market share.

Xiaomi, in second place, has a respectable position, but its smartwatches and smartbands fall short of the (still) broader portfolio of North American technology. Still, Xiaomi recorded solid growth of 26% year on year.

The general wearable market according to IDC

Company 3Q20 Quota in 3Q20 3Q19 Quota in 3Q19 Annual variation
Apple 41.4 M 33.1% 29.8 M 32.2% + 38.6%
Xiaomi 17 M 13.6% 13.5 M 14.5% + 26.4%
Huawei 13.7 M 11% 7.3% 7.9% + 87.2%
Samsung 11.2 M 9% 8.5 M 9.2% + 32.2%
Fitbit 3.3 M 2.6% 3.5M 3.8% -6.2%
BoAt 3.3 M 2.6% 0.8 M 0.8% + 316.9%
Others 35.3 M 28.2% 29.2 M 31.5% + 20.8%

Huawei again stands out in third place, surpassing Samsung by a good margin. Both manufacturers have a good range of smart watches, in addition to earphones true wireless with Bluetooth connection, categories with high demand.

In fact, it is through smart watches and different Bluetooth headset formats that almost all companies have grown from year to year, again with the exception of Fitbit.

Still thanks to products like the Apple Watch and the AirPods, the American company has secured an enviable leadership position, in addition to a solid growth of 38.6%. However, BoAt and Chinese Huawei grew the most this quarter.

The wearables market grew a lot in 2020

IDC wearables

IDC expects the growth trend of this market to continue, being driven mainly by Apple. Note that the technology currently sells three versions of Apple Watch and several versions of earphones and headphones, among other gadgets.

The total sales in the werables market amounted to 125 million products sold between the beginning of July and the end of September 2020, values ​​that represent a growth of 35.1% for this market.

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