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Apple Watch Heartbeat Sensor Helped Save a Man's Life

Apple Watch Heartbeat Sensor Helped Save a Man's Life

This is not the first report of its kind, but once again it demonstrates how Apple Watch can save a life. This time we have a case where Apple's wearable was able to detect a lower than normal heart rate.

The case took place in England. Paul Hutton, 48 and a technology journalist, saw his Apple Watch alert him to a heart rate below 40 beats per minute. Resting normal is between 60 and 100 beats per minute.

Apple watch
Paul Hutton and his Apple Watch

User approached doctor after alerts from Apple Watch

Concerned about the alerts given by Apple Watch, Hutton decided to consult his doctor. At first, you were advised to remove caffeine from your diet. Since such a change did not solve the problem, it was to consult an expert who came to the conclusion that the problem was far more worrying than initially anticipated.

Paul Hutton was diagnosed with ventricular bigeminia. It is a disease in which one heartbeat is followed by another irregular heartbeat. This can lead to the blood not being pumped effectively to our body.

Once this problem was encountered, the patient underwent surgery to eliminate the tissue responsible for this abnormal behavior. The procedure went as planned and Paul Hutton is now fully recovered from the intervention.

Apple Watch is a useful tool, but will never replace a healthcare specialist.

Apple Watch has turned out to be much more than just a gadget that shows you notifications and the time. Apple has shown a clear concern to make this device a strong ally in preventing heart disease.

The alerts it gives us should be taken seriously, but will never replace a doctor. As with Paul Hutton, your warnings must then be brought to a specialist so that he can make a diagnosis and treatment accordingly.

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