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4.4.4 OS RK3288 Quad Core game console GPD Q9 The fantastic RK3288 Quad Core game console is extremely versatile. Is it an Android device? Is...

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Amazon Music, the other Spotify We have already told you several times about all the advantages that Amazon Music has, but in case you still...

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Google Maps is one of the best tools you can have on your smartphone. However, it...

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The Nokia N85 was probably one of the smartphones that remained in the memory of many...

Apple Watch – $ 17,000 Watches Will Not Receive WatchOS 5

watchOS 5 Apple Watch

Apple introduced yesterday the news on WWDC regarding iOS, tvOS, macOS and of course, watchOS, the operating system of its Apple Watch.

WatchOS 5, however, is something that some users may not appreciate as much as they would like. In fact, even if it brings interesting news, the problem is that it will not come to all Cupertino smart watches.

See also: Apple. WWDC 2018 brought us the new macOS Mojave with ”Dark Mode”

In fact, new modalities have been added, but none will reach the Apple Watch Series 0. That is, the first model released by Tim Cook and his team. Is this something that could be avoided?

Well, not really. The first smartwatch It was old-fashioned enough – spec-wise – for what would be watchOS 5. It was, in many people's minds, the previous summer.

Apple Watch Original will not receive watchOS 5!

This way, only Series 1, 2, and 3 models will receive the update that brings the new Walkie talkie. The big problem for those who own one of the first generation watches is if, unfortunately, they eventually bought a model that could have reached $ 17,000 in price.

Yes, according to the settings between the watch itself and the strap itself, your price may have been that one. And the question that many ask, therefore, is: shouldn't the American company have any other consideration for such a reality?

No, not really. The Series 0 had been updated for over three years and truth be told, getting to watchOS 4 was a lot better than many would expect. Therefore, the decision is perfectly understood.

Either way, stay tuned to the news here at EBox.pt so you don't miss any details about this and other topics related to technology spoken in UK’s.

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