Apple tried to ban this book this book in several countries!

confidential app store

There is a book that Apple is trying to ban at all costs. It’s called App Store Confidential written by Tom Sadowski, a former manager of Apple’s app store in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The apple company has been trying to get the book banned in those mentioned, but to no avail.

In fact, Apple’s efforts to ban the book caused a “spell to turn against the sorcerer” situation. According to Reuters, the book is a long way from becoming a best seller on Amazon. In fact, the App Store Confidential already ranks second in the best-selling books on German Amazon.

However, Apple says it fired Sadowski as soon as it found out about the book. Sadowski, on the other hand, denies the claim, saying that he left the company of his own accord, starting the book project only after he left.

confidential app store

App Store Confidential is an exhibition of how the store works

Sadowski begins the book by saying that all the information included is public knowledge and easy to verify. The author thus defended himself against any charges that Apple may make. Still, that hasn’t stopped the company from saying that the book exposes important secrets about how Apple operates.

Essentially, the book describes in detail the challenges of creating an application for the App Store. The book can be extremely useful for programmers, as they will learn what makes an app successful in the store and even become App of the Year. There is also a section dedicated to what to do and not to do when programming for Apple.

Sadowski gives the example of an exercise application, for example. Such an app must be compatible with the Apple Watch, otherwise, few chances will have to be promoted favorably on the App Store.

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