Apple takes an important step towards the launch of the first foldable iPhone

Foldable iPhone

The news is no longer new that Apple will be developing a foldable smartphone. Several patents have suggested such a project and now a reputable source indicates that the American has already started to buy panels for this type of equipment.

According to what Ice Universe said on the social network Weibo, Apple ordered a large number of foldable screens from Samsung Display. A clear indicator that the American giant is getting closer to launching its foldable iPhone.

First foldable iPhone may still take

However, the leaker it states that this order has an experimental character with a duration of one year. This means that the launch of a foldable, on the part of Apple, may still be far away.

Foldable iPhone
Concept of a foldable iPhone. Credits: LetsGoDigital

We will hardly see the first foldable iPhone on the market in 2021. Still, this purchase made by Samsung, shows us that Apple is effectively working on the technology, corroborating several rumors that have emerged in the usual media.

Regarding the shape of the upcoming foldable iPhone, nothing is guaranteed yet. Ice Universe does not offer any more details regarding the purchased panels, leaving everything open.

Jon Prosser, who has proved correct in several predictions about Apple, says that this equipment will be similar to the Surface Duo. In other words, we will have two screens separated by a hinge. It also says that the product will feature Face ID technology.

Apple never had the desperation to beat the competition in launching innovative technologies to the market. Applying this to the theme of foldable smartphones, the American is in no hurry to put its first product of its kind on the market.

Until that happens, Apple will do everything possible to ensure the development of a product that complies with all of its quality parameters. That is, it will never allow incidents like those that haunted the first batches of the Samsung Galaxy Fold to replicate itself in your product.

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