Apple sees iPhone factory destroyed by raging workers!

Apple sees iPhone factory destroyed by raging workers!

Workers at an Apple factory in India have taken extreme measures in the face of unacceptable working conditions. The case occurred last Saturday and led to the destruction of the facilities, as well as numerous products like the new iPhone.

With several videos showing the savage destruction of the Apple store, there are an equally worrying number of complaints about poor working conditions, clearly abusive. Between withheld wages, denied wages, the reasons for the revolt are multiple.

The visible devastation of the Apple factory

There are overturned cars to be consumed by the flames, violated windows with fire extinguishers and shattered glass windows. The factory that produced the iOS smartphones was left in ruins, with the workers reaching and exceeding the saturation point.

The violence is said to have been triggered by a reduction in monthly pay, according to the Times of India. That was the last straw that resulted in the destruction of the factory owned by the Taiwan-based company, Wistron Corporation and where the current iteration of the Apple iPhone SE took place.

The disagreements are said to have started during a shift shift, with workers damaging the plant’s premises, starting with furniture and office equipment. However, tempers would quickly heat up outside the facility.

The destruction scenario at the iPhone SE assembly site

According to local sources, more than 2,000 workers were involved in the disagreements that resulted in massive damage to the Wistron Corporation. However, the authorities are already investigating what happened, trying to ascertain responsibilities.

The situation deserved a reprimand from CT Ravi, secretary general of the Government for that region that appealed for peace and understanding, censoring violent conduct as a means of resolution.

“It is an unfortunate event, the violent attack on the Wistron production line by agitators near Kolara. At a time when many companies are switching from China to India, such attacks give the state a bad name,” said Ravi.

It is unfortunate that Wistron manufacturing plant was violently attacked by agitating workers near Kolara.At a time when many companies are shifting base from China to India, such attacks give a bad name for the State.I request CM @BSYBJP to order a probe into this incident.

– CT Ravi 🇮🇳 ಸಿ ಟಿ ರವಿ (@CTRavi_BJP) December 13, 2020

The Wriston plant went into operation in early 2020, employing around 5,000 workers as part of a multi-million dollar investment in India.

Apple started assembling iPhones in India in 2017, being the leading manufacturer in the segment premium.

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