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Nvidia has already announced its new graphics cards. This new generation has three new models: RTX...

Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G already have presentation date

After several rumors, here comes the confirmation of the presentation date of the Google Pixel 5...

Apple (almost) stole the crown from Samsung as the biggest seller of mobile phones

Market research firm Gartner has decided to wait until now to reveal the figures for the...

Replica Apple AirPods (for iPhone and Android) Are Irresistibly Priced

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Apple says goodbye to Facebook Lite on the App Store!

Facebook Lite is a lighter version of Facebook, created for devices with low memory and performance. This app is mostly used on entry-level Android devices, or by users who don’t need the full app’s features.

However, the app also exists on iOS, but it won’t last much longer. According to users in Brazil, the app will disappear from iOS, being discontinued. Users received a notice within the app, which notifies them to switch to the main application.


However, MacMagazine confirmed that the app has completely disappeared from the Apple App Store. Users who still have it installed will still be able to use it, but not for much longer.

However, the Messenger Lite app is still available. This is the simplest and lightest version of Facebook Messenger, which “cuts” in some functions like Chat Heads and the more elaborate interface.

Facebook Lite has been removed for lack of use

According to a Facebook spokesman, Facebook Lite was removed from iOS due to lack of adoption by users. On iOS, few users installed Facebook Lite, preferring the more complete app.

Truth be told, even on older iPhones, Facebook Lite is not as necessary as, say, an Android with 1 GB of RAM. It makes sense that on iOS there is not so much need for a Lite version of an app. Still, the Facebook app is considered unnecessarily cumbersome.

In perspective, Facebook Lite on iOS “weighed” a mere 8.7 MB. The total version of the social network app occupies 244.7 MB, an exaggeration.

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