Home Apple Apple risks seeing banned iPhones in Russia by 2020!

Apple risks seeing banned iPhones in Russia by 2020!

Apple risks seeing banned iPhones in Russia by 2020!

Russia has passed a new law requiring every piece of technology (hardware) that comes to your country to install Russian software if it is available. That is, we have a huge problem here for Apple and other manufacturers who have already spoken out against this new law.

Simply and practically. For example, iPhone has Safari browser preinstalled, the new law requires Apple to pre-install "Yandex" on Russian iPhones as it is Russian software that does the same thing as Safari. This measure was the way Russia discovered in boosting its country's software and developers.

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Not only can Apple be affected

Apple is talked about because Tim Cook's company is known for not giving its arm to anything or anyone. IPhones never had any non-Apple applications preinstalled.

The same cannot be said of other companies like Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi (and so on) that allow pre-installation of applications in exchange for business partner.

Even when Apple was nobody and launched the first such iPhone did not happen. Even though at the time operators filled their smartphones with bloatware that nobody used.

Russian market is important worldwide

The Russian market has 144 million users. That is, it is not a simple market to ignore. This Russian market is more important than a country like UK or Spain. Or both together until!

We do not know how this problem will unfold, but we do know that Apple does not usually give in to such situations. I am curious to know what will be the view of other companies in the case. This may be a starting point for more countries to adopt this new law.

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