Apple pulls carpet to Google by blocking internal applications

Apple pulls carpet to Google by blocking internal applications

To facilitate the distribution of application testing internally, Apple makes certificates available to a number of technology companies. Facebook and Google are some examples.

However, one of the rules of these certificates is that companies cannot take advantage of them to distribute applications to consumers. According to Cupertino's company, both Google and Facebook are guilty of breaking the deal.

According to GSMArena, a few days ago Apple "caught" Facebook misusing its certificates. They were immediately revoked and reinstated yesterday.

Apple revoked all Google Enterprise certificates

Suddenly Apple did the same to the Mountain View company and revoked all its certificates. In this sense, developers or any employees are blocked from running Google applications on iPhone.

Suspended apps include new versions of Google Maps, Hangouts, and even Gmail. Additionally, transport or feed applications are also blocked. Don't play with the apple company.

Coincidentally, an application called Screenwise Meter was being tested. This application monitors the way people use their iPhone like Facebook Research. This may have been the last straw for Apple as it aims to avoid privacy scandals as much as possible.

After the certificates were reinstated for Facebook, a warning was made that any developer using the certificates improperly will see them removed. This "aggressiveness" brings us to the closed and private system that Apple is proud to maintain.

However, both Google and Apple have said in interviews that they are working to resolve the issue internally. It remains to be seen how long this block will take and who will give the "twisting arm".

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