Home Apple Apple Pro Display XDR: a large screen that Apple’s marketing department doesn’t help

Apple Pro Display XDR: a large screen that Apple’s marketing department doesn’t help

Apple Pro Display XDR: a large screen that Apple’s marketing department doesn’t help

Apple Pro Display XDR vs Sony BVM-HX310

Apple Pro Display XDR

A screen with 6K resolution, groundbreaking design, the latest in screen technology and that calibration level work that Apple has always paid close attention to. In this way, a screen designed by and for image professionals was defined. And the best, at a price acceptable to many. Thus they presented the Apple Pro Display XDR.

Ok, with the price they were wrong in how they communicated due to the price of the support that was sold separately. But leaving that aside, the truth is that the screen promised first and much. Especially because during the presentation it was compared with reference monitors for color themes that cost between $ 30,000 and $ 40,000. That is to say, five times more than the Pro Display XDR.

Was Apple right or did it fall apart? Vincent Teoh, an image expert, has put Apple's screen to the test directly facing the Sony BVM-HX310 reference monitor. A solution used by high-level professionals and that, if you have had the opportunity to see at some point, you will agree that it looks spectacularly. Well, this is what you have concluded.

The video is in English, but you can activate the subtitles and perfectly follow everything that is counting. Still, we summarize:

  • Apple's screen has contrast problems and color accuracy when brightness levels are high
  • Despite the good level of uniformity, there are differences between the edges and the center.
  • In dark scenes it is not at the level of the Sony monitor
  • In HDR mode it performs better, but still does not live up to

For Vincent Teoh, the Apple monitor is not a reference monitor and it is a very good screen to consume content as a reference monitor. That is, it gives you a very precise idea of ​​how the material was worked, but it is not the screen you should replace your Sony BVM-HX310 monitor (if you have one)

Apple controls the marketing team

Apple's screen, if you've kept track of it through different reviews, is a very good product in every way. But the marketing department has come up a bit by qualifying it as a solution capable of competing with reference monitors that have been used for years as a standard in image issues.

That does not mean it is a bad screen, on the contrary. It is a screen that for many professionals is the best option at the level of color, definition, etc., but not to be mistaken. It is an IPS screen with great quality and good brightness control. Probably the best option for all those professional studies and users who cannot opt ​​for a reference monitor of 30,000 euros, but nothing more. And if the marketing department does not control the message it could cause some disappointment in who makes such an investment.


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