Apple prepares to abolish notch on iPhone once and for all. Know the details

Apple patent

The LetsGoDigital publication reveals to the world a new patent filed by Apple. In this new document, the US company shows us what your iPhone might look like without a notch or hole in the screen for the front camera.

The sketches in the patent show us a screen that covers almost the entire front structure of the device. This one comes with square corners and symmetrical margins.

Apple patent
Credits: LetsGoDigital

No screen interruptions indicate the use of an in-screen fingerprint sensor and front camera. This may be the end of the Face ID as we do not see a location for the necessary sensors to be allocated.

Is this patent really meant for an iPhone?

The source claims that this may be the design of the 2020 iPhones, but this looks very bold. In-screen front-facing camera technology is not yet developed enough for Apple to use on its devices.

Moreover, in the text of this document we can read at some point that it is a “partial patent”. What the American woman has filed for patent is just the screen and not the equipment as a whole.

Everything around the screen is secondary to the document submitted by Apple. Our attention should focus only on the type of screen that the technology is thinking of using.

This indicates that it may not be for an iPhone. One theory is that this screen could be applied to the next iPod Touch, although Apple is unlikely to introduce a new model as early as 2020.

Fans have long called for a complete reduction or abolition of notch on iPhones. This document rekindles the hope that this could happen sooner than expected, but there is no guarantee that it will be implemented soon.

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