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Xiaomi Amazfit Zepp E is coming. These are the official images of the smartwatch

Xiaomi's partner brand - Huami - is preparing to toast the market with a new smartwatch....

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 will arrive in Europe much sooner than expected!

Xiaomi has come back into the spotlight as it prepares for the launch of the Xiaomi...

Xiaomi Mi A1 and Redmi Note 7 Pro get Android 10! But it is not yet the official version

Since Google officially made the new Android 10 available, manufacturers have started the usual race against...

Sony can't manufacture enough sensors for smartphones!

Sony, along with Samsung, is a leading manufacturer of smartphone photo sensors and looks set to...

Apple Pencil can “copy” Samsung S-Pen. You see

According to information found by Pocket Lint, Apple has filed a patent for a new Apple Pencil. This patent describes gestures and actions that will change the way users can interact with the stylus pen used on iPads.

Accordingly, the patent discloses that the pen tip sensor can detect sequences of up to 3 touches where each will perform a different action. The description adds that different sequences can perform functions such as increasing the size, color and shape of the pencil or brush in a drawing app, for example.

In addition, the touch sensor may also be configured to detect a user’s finger slips. These swipe gestures can be used to make scroll on web pages, streamlining the use of the pen outside the artistic context.

Apple Pencil may have a built-in camera

The patent further describes the pen as an external device with processor, memory, speakers, microphones or cameras. This means that Apple may well adapt the Apple Pencil to an external microphone or even a camera, depending on the context of use.


Apple Pencil would look more like the S-Pen

It is impossible to talk about this news in the stylus pen and not to mention the S-Pen and its functions in the Galaxy Note 10. By rotating gestures or pressing buttons, the user can control the phone in many ways, one of the most interesting being in the camera. .

Apple will be able to merge these existing ideas and expand them into an Apple Pencil that does the same thing as the S-Pen and more. The question is whether this patent will materialize in an accessory or simply be in the “drawer”.

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