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Apple Watch Continues to Dominate Smartwatch Market – Canalys

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Overwatch could become an anime-style television series

According to the LinkedIn profile of Nick van Dyk, responsible for Activision-Blizzard for creating animated content,...

Warzone, the Battle Royale of Modern Warfare, is falling and this is all we know

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Apple pays TikTok influencers to promote the iPhone 12 mini

The practice is widespread in the industry mobile, but it is the first time that Apple has done so openly, now wanting to disclose its new iPhone 12 mini to users of the social network TikTok. This is the new marketing strategy of the Cupertino giant.

Six months after creating his profile on the TikTok platform, Apple started publishing several videos made by several influencers. The goal is simple, arouse public interest and stimulate sales of the iOS smartphone.

Apple wants to conquer TikTok with the iPhone 12 mini

The videos will have been ordered by the technology company from some of the most influential creators of the platform. As of the writing of this article, there are four contents shared on Apple’s verified profile, the most recent of which was a week ago.

Among illusionists and influential figures in the world of entertainment, advertising and fashion, Apple’s bet wants to put the new iPhone 12 mini in the spotlight. Although Apple did not justify the investment, the results are in sight.

We can conclude that the technology wants, in the first place, to make known that this model exists, making it among the public of this social network. At the same time, they also make the product more coveted and stimulate its purchase.

The influencers hired by Apple have between 800 thousand and 50 million followers, being the following:

  • Zach King
  • Kevin B Parry
  • Julian Bass
  • Jessica Wang

Apple’s #makeitmini campaign on TikTok

For now, the contents refer to the small iPhone, fast and fun videos in just one touch for the phone to become something compact, but powerful. This is the message that Apple wants to record in the users’ subconscious.

The future of the TikTok platform in the United States of America now looks more certain as the White House administration changes. The social network was on the verge of being banned from the country, but now the case may fall by the wayside.

More recently, Snap, the company responsible for the social network Snapchat, launched the Spotlight tool that reproduces the concept of TikTok in the application itself, paying generously to the most popular creators on its platform.

It remains to be seen, finally, whether Apple’s bet on TikTok will be to maintain. And, if influencers manage to “sell well” the product, can this set a precedent with Cupertino’s technology?

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