The new Apple patent promises an integration of the well-known Face ID, facial recognition of the iPhone, implemented in the Macbook and iMac.

It is no longer the first time that it is said that Apple could bring the technology to its computers, however, today we have images of a patent that guarantees us that the company is effectively working on it.

Face ID patents on Macbook and iMac

Face ID patents on Macbook and iMac

I want to believe that Apple will not introduce notch on computers, no matter how much the images even show it. Not least because there is no lack of space in the margins of computers to introduce the technology (mainly in the iMac).

In the patent description, Apple stated that the technology served “To prevent unauthorized users from accessing sensitive data, these computing devices can incorporate systems and mechanisms for authenticating users“That is, the exact description of what Apple’s FaceID is.

Face ID goes beyond cameras

_face ID

Face ID is one of the most sophisticated authentication systems on the market, although it is not exactly the most recent. Apple does not use the front camera to unlock the device, as with many Android devices.

Instead, the iPhone has an enormous amount of infrared sensors (more than 30 thousand) that give us an accurate and 3D reading in order to recognize the user. All of this is helped by Apple processors and allows the smartphone to be unlocked in a matter of seconds.

Microsoft has something identical with Windows Hello

Microsoft, in Windows 10, has something identical. However, like many Android smartphones, they only use the computer’s front camera to unlock the screen. That is, it is not as complicated to cheat that type of unlocking method as an Apple FaceID.

As always, a patent is just that. Nothing guarantees us that the technology will be able to come out on the iMac and Macbook, however, I see no reason why Apple should not.

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