Services are increasingly important to Apple, and are currently its primary source of revenue. With impressive user growth in recent years, the American company is playing a new asset to raise even more subscribers.

During its event held today, the American technology company introduced the Apple One. This will be a package that will give you access to a set of Apple services with only one monthly fee.

Apple One

Apple One will bring the company’s services to even more users

The Apple One base package includes Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade and 50GB of iCloud storage. All this will be available to any interested user at a cost of $ 14.99 per month.

The above price is for an individual subscription. If you choose the same package, but with a family subscription, you will receive 200GB of iCloud with a monthly cost of $ 19.95.

The following subscription adds to the services described above Apple News +, the recently announced Apple Fitness + plan and a total of 2TB of iCloud. All this with a monthly fee of $ 29.95.

Apple One

If you already use some of these services, I believe that these subscription plans may be a more advantageous solution. Incidentally, Apple stresses that individual subscribers can save up to $ 6 a month and family members will save $ 8 a month.

These packages are already quite tempting for anyone using Apple services. But if you’re still in doubt as to whether any of them is the perfect solution for you, Apple offers a 30-day trial period to draw your conclusions.

Apple One subscriptions will be available to users until the end of this year. The first countries to receive them will be Australia, Canada, USA and the United Kingdom. It remains to be seen when UK will be contemplated.

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