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Apple: new iPhone 12 have some battery problems

The new range of Apple smartphones consists of four models, the iPhone mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, with the last two being the versions high-end and pick up some complaints from users on the Apple support forum.

At issue is not the company’s quality control nor was it affected by the pandemic COVID-19. The problem is primarily caused by software, specifically iOS 14, although other possible sources are not excluded.

Abnormal battery discharge in stand-by

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

The problem was reported by more than a thousand iPhone 12 Pro users in the Apple Support Forum, alluding to the same battery problem. According to the testimonies, there is a sharp decrease in autonomy without an apparent cause.

In other words, even when the iPhone is in stand-by, some units are consuming a lot of energy. The problem is recurrent in branded devices, having happened in the past with other iPhone models.

Note that the problem does not affect all new iPhone 12, but there are already a significant number of complaints. In the meantime, Apple has already been notified of the situation in view of the accumulation of complaints on its official support platform.

The iPhone 12 Pro seems to be the most affected

Battery activity

Some users of the iPhone 12 Pro model shared screenshots that highlight the case. According to them, without background apparent – active processes in the background – battery autonomy suffers a serious setback.

With no background processes, the battery decays quickly

Still, to try to remedy the situation, one of the chins on the platform, the user “Master26A” disabled the 5G connection, but with no apparent effect on the battery drain problem. Even connected only to Wi-Fi, the situation remained.

Battery activity

The user claimed to have tried all the processes at his disposal to contain the battery drain. Even so, with the latest version of the iOS operating system installed, the battery of your iPhone 12 Pro has “disappeared before the eyes”.

In fact, in view of the graphs presented by users, a decrease can be noted, at a discharge rate of 4%, even without open processes in the background. This factuality is, of course, frustrating users.

More than 1000 users reported the same battery problem

As of the writing of this article and consulting the Apple forum, we see more than a thousand plaintiffs split between the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro mostly. Something is draining the battery of your devices for no apparent reason.

The likely culprit is iOS 14.1

In several of the publications, users attribute this fast battery drain to the iOS 14.1 update. This may have been the turning point that, in some iPhone news, is dramatically worsening its battery.

Another of the plaintiffs, who has already contacted Apple’s support, says that all diagnostic tests have been done and that no problems have become apparent. That said, the problem will not lie in the hardware (physical components), but in iOS.

This is no longer the first instance in which an update of the operating system brings an exacerbated consumption of energy. By the way, we recall the case of the iPhone 4S in 2013, which suffered a similar problem with iOS 6.1.

We are now waiting for an official posture from Apple and, above all, for a quick update that will improve the lives of users.

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