Apple: new iPad will arrive with the new Mini-LED technology. Understands this new technology

Apple iPad

The rumors are of the usual suspect. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has proven himself numerous times in Apple product information, said the company is working on new screen technology for the iPad.

According to the information, Apple is preparing to launch an iPad with Mini-LED technology. A feature that should first reach iPads, however, it is possible that it will also reach smartphones.

What is the Mini-LED that will arrive on the Apple iPad

Apple iPad

In summary (and in a very basic way), this new technology works with LCD screens, however, they give us a color contrast identical to OLED. That is, the screen can adapt the brightness of the screen.

That is, if a part of the screen is white and another part is dark, the Mini-LED screen can differentiate the power of light emitted on one side and the other. This will cause an LCD screen to have an identical color contrast to OLED. Even though it uses LCD technology.

LCD technology is cheaper to manufacture and is not at risk like OLED screens. As much as OLED screens are much more beautiful in sight, this is not the first time that we have heard of “burn-in” on one of these screens. Something that will not happen with the Mini-LED.

What to expect from the new Apple iPad

We still don’t know which model will be chosen to receive this new technology. Apple has been showing that hardware is also important in the company’s future.

Certainly for this reason, the year 2020 was impressive when it comes to devices launched. We had a new SE, 4 new iPhone 12, new iPad and computers. In addition, they also gave us accessories and a HomePod Mini. Looking forward to seeing where this is going.

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