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Apple – Most iPhone and iPad users already use iOS 11

Apple iPhone iPad iOS 11
iOS 11 – the latest version of Apple OS

IOS is the operating system that Apple makes available for all its iPhone and iPad. This OS is entirely designed and distributed by Apple itself for its devices, which is one of the reliability of the software that offers its users. Currently the latest version is iOS 11 and it is now important to know its adoption rate in the market.

If on the one hand we have a Google that monthly discloses the distribution data of Android, in the case of Apple things are not quite like that. The Cupertino company does not feel a need to schedule information about adopting its software. Instead, the company led by Tim Cook makes this data available when it finds it convenient.

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And that is precisely what happened this week, specifically on 18 January. That day Apple released statistics on the adoption of its iOS 11 by its users, whether from an iPhone or an iPad. All this data was measured through the App Store.

The market has a particular interest in learning about these numbers. Not only to know the percentage of users using a specific version of Android or iOS, but also to make comparisons between them.

However, these comparisons always turn out to be a little unfair. On the one hand we have an open source operating system that can be handled by any brand and is used by a multitude of devices. On the other we have software designed for a restricted set of equipment and made available by the brand that owns the rights to those devices and the operating system itself.

iOS 11 has already captured more than half of Apple iPhone and iPad users

Only here it is easy to see that the type of adoption of each will be disparate. It has been so over the last few years and I think it is safe to say that it will continue to be so if the landscape in which it operates does not change.

But let's leave comments and get down to what really matters. If you are reading this article it is because you are curious about whether you are running iOS 11 on the market. Well, Apple recently revealed that 65% of its iPhone and iPad users already use the latest version of their operating system.

Yes, it is more than half of the entire iPhone and iPad universe that has already surrendered to the charms of iOS 11. This adoption will not have been easy given all the problems that were reported in its early versions. But now things seem to be well underway.

iPad Pro

Looking back, we see that iOS 10 still conquers 28% of this universe. For some reason, these users have not yet seen justification for upgrading to the latest version. Don't forget that 7% don't even use iOS 10.

The justification for registering these numbers on older versions of iOS may be due to hardware limitations. Users with older Apple devices may not have upgraded because of fears of fluidity or even unavailability of iOS 11 for their models.

In this case, it is expected that sooner or later they will eventually buy a newer device. If so, then the numbers for iOS 11 could rise further.

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