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Tag Heuer and Intel create "Perfect" smartwatch

From its name Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45, this is the new smart watch or smartwatch...

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X sneak into Microsoft Flight simulator (literally)

Flying over PlayStation 5 Oh_Gaz is a Reddit user who has shown his skills creating builds for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Among his works we can...

Xiaomi Mi 9 surprises over 1.5 million units manufactured

Today is April 1st and the famous April Fools' Day, however, Xiaomi doesn't play in service....

PS5: pre-bookings may have an unpleasant surprise

After several months of waiting, PlayStation 5 has finally reached its pre-sale stage. There were many...

Apple may replace the screen of your iPhone 11

Do you have an Apple iPhone 11 produced between November 2019 and May 2020? The smartphone screen is showing strange errors like glitches, does not respond to touch, or does it exhibit similar anomalous behavior? So we have good news!

After recognizing that a small percentage of manufacturer devices in the above mentioned time interval, Apple has announced that it will exchange screens for free (displays) affected. According to the manufacturer, there is a problem with the display module.

Did your iPhone 11 screen stop responding?

Apple iPhone 11

Despite stressing that only a small percentage of smartphones in the iPhone 11 line are affected by the problem encountered, the Cupertino giant assures its consumers. If the error is detected, the display module will then be replaced.

We reiterate that the batch of affected devices is the iPhone 11 produced from November 2019 to May 2020. Within this sample, a small percentage of devices is causing frustration to the respective users.

In UK, some cases have been reported through support and support groups dedicated to the North American giant and its products. However, the problem is now recognized by the brand that intends to solve the issue.

See if your iPhone 11 is covered by Apple

The brand provided an online platform where the user can enter the serial number of his iPhone 11 and determine his eligibility for the exchange process. The consultation can be done through the platform to change the display module.

If so, the user must follow the instructions on the Apple website, namely, take your iPhone 11 to a repair center, or more specifically to an Apple Authorized Service Center.

Currently, Apple does not extend this screen replacement program to all regions and markets, and the user should check its availability.

How to find the iPhone serial number

Apple iPhone 11

  • Go to iPhone Settings> General and touch Info.
  • Search for the serial number. Here, the IMEI / MEID and ICCID will also be presented.
  • To copy the serial number, just press it, hold down for a few moments until the number is copied to the clipboard.

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Latest Posts

Carl Pei, founder of OnePlus, about to reveal more details about new brand and makes a giveaway

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Carl Pei, founder of CEO, about to reveal more details about new brand and makes a giveaway

Carl Pei was co-founder of OnePlus and one of the best-known faces of the young Chinese...

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