Apple is one of the big names in the technology market that has not yet joined the foldable smartphone niche. But the most recent patent submitted by the company may justify this absence.

Apple sought approval for a technology that offers us a roll-up smartphone. A bold technology, but we have already seen it reach the television market by the hand of LG.

Apple may launch an iPhone with a curling screen

The patent submitted by the American company reads “electronic device with flexible display structures”. Also according to the document, this equipment may bend around one or more axes.

Apple patent

In addition, it is said that the equipment using this technology will have a “rolled” and “unwound” state. This suggests different features depending on the state of the screen. Magnets will be used to prevent the screen from wrinkling.

Durability is the main obstacle to equipment of this kind

When we look at foldable smartphones, the main concern they raise is the durability of their screens. The new generations have brought some improvements in this chapter, but they are still far from perfect.

Looking at a roll-up smartphone, this kind of concern takes on a much larger dimension. It’s one thing to fold a screen in half, it’s another to roll it up.

As I mentioned, LG has already launched a television with this technology to the market and this may help to dispel fears about its durability. But it is too early to see how long this panel will last.

Finally, it is important to remember that a patent is not synonymous with having a product on the market that makes use of it. What it shows us is that Apple is working on the concept and wanted to safeguard the idea in case it ever finds it viable to implement it.

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