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Apple manipulates iPhone to become obsolete, accuses Euroconsumers

The international group Euroconsumers, denounces the use of planned obsolescence by Apple. At stake are the models 6, 6 Plus, 6S and 6S Plus, already the target of several criticisms in the face of the deliberate slowness in case #batterygate.

The Cupertino giant has already confirmed what happened and compensated injured customers in the United States of America. In Europe, we now see Euroconsumers claiming that Apple intentionally manipulated the slowness of the iPhones 6, 6 Plus, 6S and 6S Plus.

The Euroconsumers group points the finger at Apple in the case #batterygate

Apple iPhone 6

In a press release, the Euroconsumers group is firm in its accusation against the Cupertino giant. On the other hand, the brand has been claiming to be an update to extend battery life in these iOS smartphone models.

The thesis does not convince the European consumer protection group, which is now denouncing the use of programmed obsolescence to encourage consumers to buy new mobile phones, namely newer models of the brand.

As we have been reporting, in the United States Apple ended up confirming what happened and compensated the injured customers.

Euroconsumers wants to unite Europe and punish Apple

In the old continent, in the countries that are part of Euroconsumers – Belgium and Spain – they will proceed with a lawsuit against Apple, to which they will join in 2021, Italy and UK accusing the brand of having silently updated the software of the models of the iPhone 6 knowing, from the start, the consequent changes.

Among the anomalies caused are slowness, loss of performance and shut down, the random shutdown of iOS smartphones.

The group claims that Apple has used programmed obsolescence in these models, that is, the purposeful decision to develop, manufacture, distribute and sell this product for consumption so that it becomes obsolete or non-functional. This is done specifically to force the consumer to buy the new generation of iPhones in a short time.

Programmed obsolescence on the Apple iPhone 6

Apple iPhone 6

The movement created by American consumers against Apple was resolved out of court, and the brand agreed to pay 1$ 13 million to customers dissatisfied with the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S and 6S Plus. Thus, the charges from 33 US states were resolved.

In Europe, Euroconsumers has repeatedly tried to reach an agreement with Apple seeking, on the one hand, similar compensation for the owners of these models of iPhones and, on the other hand, the creation of more sustainable mobile phones.

The lack of a satisfactory solution now takes the case to court, with an indictment against the brand for unfair, deceptive and aggressive commercial practices in the European Union.

In UK, DECO is also preparing an action for January, based on the same framework.

In addition to the damage to consumers, the use of programmed obsolescence increases the levels of electronic waste and appears as a threat to the environment. This is at a time when the need for a sustainable economy and a fair green transition is more urgent than ever.

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