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Apple Makes Decisive Purchase for iPhone 12 Camera Quality

Apple Makes Decisive Purchase for iPhone 12 Camera Quality

According to Bloomberg, Apple has bought British startup Spectral Edge Ltd. This news is advanced, based on files showing that the apple company took control of this startup.

This purchase may simply be important to the cameras of future iPhones. Thanks to software developed by Spectral Edge, iPhone photos can be sharper and brighter in the future.

Clearer images and sharper colors on the way to iPhone 12

This is because Spectral has developed a technology capable of taking infrared images by blending them with standard photographs. To do so, it uses machine learning, ultimately producing sharper images and more accurate colors.

In 2018, the TechCrunch website profiled the company, listing the ways technology could be implemented. This could help improve images taken on low-light smartphones.

In addition, it would also be able to enhance noisy images taken by security cameras and drones. What is not yet known is how much Apple will have paid to acquire this company.

It will be quite interesting to see if Apple will integrate Spectral technology into the iPhone 12 Artificial Intelligence. If that happens, the device's camera will certainly be at another level.

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