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Apple makes an exception to Facebook that will generate a lot of discussion

Apple is in the middle of a huge controversy with Epic Games because of the 30% fee charged on all transactions made on the App Store. However, the recent decision that the Cupertino giant made with Facebook will give Epic even more weapons in its battle.

Facebook monetized events will no longer be subject to Apple’s 30% tax

By the end of 2020, Apple will allow Facebook to circumvent its 30% rate on all monetized events. For this, the Cupertino giant allowed the social network to implement its own payment system.

This measure has already been confirmed by Apple to The Verge, reiterating that this position will only take effect until the end of this year. However, Facebook says that this conception of Apple is not enough, which predicts that the social network will struggle to keep this exemption for longer.

Apple Facebook

It is worth remembering that Facebook itself decided not to charge any fee for this type of event until August 2021. The reason for this was the pandemic, which seriously affected many smaller businesses.

Apple just opened a pandora box with this decision

As I mentioned above, Apple and Epic Games are waging a war precisely because of the 30% tax on the App Store. I also remember that the split between these two occurred after the person responsible for Fortnite launched its payment system in the game.

Now with Apple authorizing Facebook to do what it forbade Epic Games to do, it certainly won’t be long before the studio rebels against the technology’s policies. And it will not be surprising that more voices will be added to it.

I believe that this decision by Apple will give a lot to talk about in the near future. More and more are those who criticize Apple for its policies in the App Store and it will not be long before others come to ask for the same treatment.

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