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Xiaomi has launched another house for cats at a price that will impress you!

This is no longer the first time that Xiaomi has launched pet products. Namely cats. The Asian brand has a love for pets and...

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Apple: MacBook futures may receive long-desired new color

The line of notebooks from Apple is quite predictable in its colors. Over the years, the American has accustomed us to her MacBooks in gray (gray), being already a brand image of these devices.

However, a new option that many will like is approaching, taking into account one of Apple’s most recent patents. According to that document, the company is already working to create the color matte black (matte black) for your MacBook line.


MacBook may soon be available in black

Apple says it has not yet launched a matte black MacBook due to difficulties experienced in its development process. This presents itself as one of the most difficult colors to achieve, according to the American.

Apple’s various attempts to achieve this result have fallen short of the desired goal. In fact, the technology says that the results are closer to a dark gray than a black.

With a change in the surface where the light falls, Apple hopes to achieve the desired result. In this case, a black that does not have a shiny surface, something that, apparently, would be much easier to achieve.

That said, if you’re one of those who always wanted to own a black MacBook, that wish may be about to be realized. Even more so if you are a fan of a matte surface that will allow fingerprints to stay away from your precious notebook.

As we have always mentioned, a patent does not imply that the technology in question will be commercialized. In that sense, there is no guarantee that Apple will actually launch a MacBook in matte black.

Yet that milestone is now closer to being realized than ever. We know at least that Apple is developing the idea and we hope that it will eventually reach the market.

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