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Apple 'kills' jailbreak with iOS 12.4.1 release

Apple 'kills' jailbreak with iOS 12.4.1 release

A week after knowing it was possible to jailbreak iOS 12.4, Apple releases a new update. This will bring the operating system to version 12.4.1 and its main purpose is to eventually jailbreak.

The jailbreak reappeared after several years on the iPhone because Apple reopened a security flaw in its operating system. This flaw was discovered by security expert Pwn20wnd, who is referred to by the company on its website after the release of iOS 12.4.1.

This same flaw had also been discovered by Google's security team, Project Zero. The Google team later confirmed that it was possible to jailbreak iPhone again.

If you want to keep jailbreak, don't update your iPhone

Since the release of iOS 12.4.1 fixes the bug that allows jailbreaking, this is the only way to keep your iPhone safe. If you install the new version of the operating system (iOS 12.4.1) on your device, a week ago jailbreak will no longer work.

Expert Pwn20wnd, who discovered this security flaw, has warned of this on his Twitter profile. In your recent post, we can read "iOS 12.4.1 GOT OUT. DO NOT update"

iOS 12.4.1 is OUT.Do * NOT * upgrade to it.

– Pwn20wnd is reviving 0-Days (@ Pwn20wnd) August 26, 2019

What does it mean to jailbreak?

By jailbreaking your iPhone, you are able to install apps outside the App Store that are often not available in the store. This means that these applications have not passed Apple's security tests and may compromise the security of your iPhone.

Because of this scenario, this practice is strongly discouraged by the US company. For several years now, the company had closed the door to these practices and we will see if we can keep things that way in the future.

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