Apple has always been known to be a company reserved for its ecosystem. That is, Apple products and services work better with each other than with third-party services. This is because Apple did not always give competitors an opportunity to do well.

Apparently, Tim Cook’s company is considering opening iOS, iPhone and iPad, to competing systems. That is, you can choose the default browser like Chrome or email like Gmail.

Apple’s radical measures will shape the future of iOS on the iPhone and iPad

Apple iPhone

If this change really happens, we can say that it is totally different from what Apple has been doing in recent years. In other words, to value its products and services and to totally ignore the competition.

This is great news for the end user who no longer needs to browse Safari where he does not have half of his information saved. Or you may have to constantly close the email application when you click on an email address without intention.

Apple is being forced to implement these measures

Apple thanks Chrome

However, don’t expect these changes to be made just because Apple believes its customers will be more satisfied. Quite the opposite.

It all started when Spotify complained that Apple does not allow you to choose your application as the default for HomePod. Thus valuing Apple Music.

Well, that claim is in court. Spotify accuses Apple of not giving it “competition rights” because the scenarios cannot be the same in both products.

Due to this process Apple may be forced not only to solve the problem of Spotify but also of the other products. Everything indicates that Spotify will win the battle in court and this means that more companies will enter an identical war. As such, Apple is only anticipating the inevitable.

There are still no dates for this implementation, however, the WWDC (Conference for developers) from Apple should happen in June and could be the perfect place to reveal the news.

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