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Apple iPhone X Samsung Galaxy S9 Tim Cook iOS
Tim Cook, CEO of Apple © Reuters

Apple is a unique company in many ways, or all. Yesterday, during WWDC18, the introduction of news for iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS eventually pushed its share price higher.

In fact, the price of a single share eventually reached just over $ 191. Now, as the company has more than 5 billion shares outstanding, a new milestone is now very close.

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Apple could – and will appear to be – the first company to exceed the billionaire level. That is, in terms of market capitalization, an indicator whose result comes from the product between the number of shares and the price of each one.

That way, as soon as it's $ 200 a share, the company led by Tim Cook will make history. And there it is, it won't be too hard to achieve. Even if you need to wait for the announcement of new iPhone.

WWDC18 was what Apple needed to value itself even more!

Ultimately, this will be the moment when it will become factual. However, considering that there are a few months left for the presentation that everyone awaits.

Finally, it should be noted that a company's stock price reflects what investors expect their value to be. So if the price went up after the keynote yesterday, means that it was seen with good eyes.

There was no right to hardware it is true. But that could not be said to make the conference any less relevant or enthusiastic.

Either way, stay tuned to the news so you don't miss any details about this and other topics here, at EBox.pt, where the technology is spoken in UK’s.

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