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Samsung Galaxy S21: know the details of your screens

There are several rumors that point to the trio Samsung Galaxy S21 being presented as early...

Xiaomi POCO M3 arrives today! See your presentation LIVE here

Over the past few weeks, there have been many rumors and leaks about the next smartphone...

Google adds 23 insects in 3D to Google Search under “3D animals”

Google added 23 more insects to "3D animals" in Google Search. This new feature is available...

Braid and his time management will return with graphical improvements

Braid Anniversary Braid was launched in August 2008, a title to which not all players paid the same attention, although criticism did. Thanks to these...

Apple is developing its alternative to Google Search

When it comes to search engines, there is no doubt that Google Search is the most competent and used worldwide. It is very difficult to face Google in this field, but it seems that Apple really wants to try its luck.

According to a report by the Financial Times, Apple is working on developing its own search engine. A project that could dictate the end of the presence of Google Search on your equipment.

It is not yet certain in what molds the Apple search engine will operate. It will be important to understand if it will be a tool only for research on branded equipment or if a web module just like the one that Google offers on any platform.


Apple has already given some signs that it wants to have its search engine

The attentive ones certainly already realized that with the arrival of iOS 14, Apple started to free itself a little from Google. In the search on the main screen, we already see American technology directing us directly to websites without going through Google’s search engine.

Coincidence or not, a few years ago Apple recruited the director of Google’s Research and Artificial Intelligence department, John Giannandrea. This is now senior vice president of the Machine Learning and AI Strategy department at Apple.

Apple wants to distance itself as much as possible from Google

Although the presence of Google Search on Apple equipment may seem like the best deal for both companies, the truth is that Apple wants to distance itself from its countrywoman. This contributed to the most recent lawsuit that the US judicial authorities brought to Google.

The US Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against Google for alleged anti-competition practices in Google Search. This document raises some concerns about the existing agreement between Google and Apple.

It is important to remember that Google pays Apple between 10 and 12 billion dollars annually so that its search engine is pre-defined in the equipment of the Cupertino company. However, this millionaire deal for Apple could be broken by itself with fears of a possible lawsuit.

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