Apple is about to launch a new iMac! You can arrive later this week

Apple iMac

Apparently we are a week away from seeing a new Apple iMac. According to the information, the new model will arrive with a 10-core Intel i9 chip and the Radeon Pro 5300 graphics.

Apple revealed relevant news for its software at the past WWDC developer conference, however, we had nothing about new hardware.

New iMac is not expected to change the design

Apple iMac

However, not everything is good news. It looks like Apple will not change the design of the new iMac. That is, it is very likely that we have the same design that we have seen for some years.

It’s time for Apple to change the design of its new iMac. The line of computers has changed almost all but iMacs that continue to have huge margins for a computer in 2020.

So if the rumors become true, the new iMac will only improve internally. An iMac passed the GeekBench benchmark last month with the Intel i9 10-core chip and the Radeon Pro 5300 graphics. That is, it is very likely that this iMac will be revealed.

The iMac is one of Apple’s most successful computers. That is certainly why the company is thinking twice before changing the design of its fixed computer.

However, it is still a little uncomfortable for all Apple lovers who want to buy an iMac and are wondering whether an investment in these new models will be a shot in the foot.

This is because it shouldn’t be long before we have a new design on the market. Rumors refer to Face ID to unlock the computer and considerably lower margins. Unfortunately, they are just rumors and we have no idea if or when we will have an iMac with these features soon.

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