Apple iPod Touch: Next Generation Is Right On Its Way

Apple iPod Touch: Next Generation Is Right On Its Way

Apple iPod Touch: Next Generation Is Right On Its WayThe Apple iPod Touch will have a new version soon. To be more concrete, it will have its seventh generation. The Apple product that brought Cupertino's company to the map in the 2000s is back with a new generation.

Although the most successful iPod was not the iPod Touch, it is undoubtedly one of the most functional iPods. In fact, if iPod Touch had the possibility to insert a SIM card, it would be the perfect iPhone Lite.

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While we have no idea what Apple's new product front design will look like, we do believe it may even follow the new ideology of iPhones. That is, a large screen, small margins and a small single mirror.

Apple iPod Touch 7th may arrive in the coming weeks

However, some believe that this will not happen by making the price of iPod Touch eventually rise.

The new images show only the rear of the future equipment and I am surprised not to see a glass rear. As Apple has increasingly invested in glass and the ability to charge its products wirelessly, it would be a good addition to the Apple iPod Touch 7th.

So we can see a gold-toned metal back and just a camera. It is relevant to note that Apple did not remove the 3.5 input from the headphones on the iPod. He believes it was a move he believed could happen.

Although no date presentation specifications, it does not seem to me that Apple will create an event for a product that at this moment means so little in Cupertino's company accounts.

That way, it's likely that the new seventh-generation iPod Touch may arrive before Christmas. At least it sounds like a good move.

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