Another miracle at Apple! We thought he was forgotten, defeated, condemned to survival motivated by a touch of nostalgia and a lot of pity, and here he is again in the race. IPod touch returns from the dead. Its 2019 edition is here, with its strengths, its weaknesses and a legacy heavy like the world. She will have to answer a series of big questions: what else can this iPod be used for in 2019? Or more precisely what is its purpose in life? Who is he talking to ? And above all, why does it make us think so much of some of the most beautiful lines of Lamartine?

Back to the past…

As soon as you open your box, you find yourself enveloped in a sweet smell of digital nostalgia. We could be in July 2015, in October 2012, in October 2010… in short, you will understand it each time a new model has been launched. It must be said that Apple has not really broken its head on the side of the package – since when is there no longer an AC adapter in the box? – or design. IPod touch is as it is, compact, thin and colorful.
Confusing proof of its anachronism, its roots in the past – at least in terms of the standards applied at Apple – it always has a mini-jack! Even if we rejoice and if it works perfectly with AirPods.

Once we have it in hand, we tick a little in front of its 4 inch screen even if the Retina panel is pleasantly bright (533 cd / m2) and well contrasted (1269: 1), but much less good than what Apple usually offers in terms of color fidelity. Judge delta E instead is 3.22, rather in the medium low for Apple.
In fact, we are not used to being so small anymore – and for good reason the iPhone went to 4.7 inches in 2014! -, especially as the white borders are clearly visible, thick.

And then, obviously, a narrow screen implies narrow keys for the virtual keyboard. In this case, the brake is more psychological than real, because we have not produced too many typos.
The impression of being stuck is unpleasant, however. Let’s be honest, it doesn’t show up all the time. Only when you surf the web or use Notes, for example. Which still happens often. When you play or watch a movie, the magic of immersion does the rest …

Zero security…

On the other hand, there is a point to which one does not get used … the absence of Touch ID button. Present on the iPhone since the iPhone 5S, released in September 2013, fingerprint recognition is an inexplicable lack of this iPod touch. Another anachronism that goes against Apple’s speech on the essential security of your data and your devices. IPod touch 2019 has an old Home button like the world and you will need to enter your four or six digit code each time.

We are not far from saying that this iPod touch is an effortless improvement of improvements of a proven form factor and now without ambition. We hoped for renewal or new breath, it is the partial upgrading of an old king, of a device that made the fortune of Apple but now no longer weighs enough for innovation to come nimber d an attractive halo …

The potential of apps

This is one of the challenges of the iPod touch 2019 for the reviewer, to consider it as if we did not know the lareview generation smartphones, to look at it with the new eye of love, or in any case that of the new -comer who is not used to the edge-to-edge and spacious screens, the one who is always looking for the tip of the high tech surge. Not just seeing the gigantic progress made since 2012, the last big year of iPod touch updates.

We promise, we will make an effort, but we can not help but regret that Apple has not made one.

To keep the promise we have just made, we entrusted it to a child born about the same time as the iPhone and we saw that the iPod touch has arguments to seduce. It is small, well held and offers almost endless applications from the App Store and iOS 12. What to play, snort, create, communicate and possibly work a little.
The application offer is a force which at least partially compensates for the lack of connection to the operator network. We then use Wi-Fi to send our messages and we can call each other with WhatsApp or FaceTime. And then, the iMessages and their cohorts of animated gifs and stickers are also there. Ultimately, for a young audience, accustomed to the reduced telephone plan, the iPod touch may be attractive.

Another little regret

But then comes immediately the question of whether saying that the iPod touch is for young audiences is not a way to make people forget their shortcomings. Especially since young users generally like to take pictures and share them. On this point disappointment is likely to be there. Without even talking about the absence of portrait mode, reserved for the best iPhones, the photos produced are a bit accurate. In bright light, iPod touch comes out of correct shots. As soon as the light goes down, it’s best to forget about it. Except to love the noise and the fury. Videos, in 1080p and 30 fps (max), are subject to the same constraints. What fun with a few small clips, but it is clearly not the best in 2019 … and for good reason any date from 2015 on this point.
And then the price is not the most affordable if this device is intended for the “young budget”. 469 euros for 256 GB, it is not really given, is it? For this price, we have very good Android smartphones.

Performance up but worthy of 2016

Let’s take a look at the “objective” performance of the 2019 iPod touch. Not surprisingly, it knocks down its predecessor, even if its muscles feel a little warm. The A10 chip may be “old” – it was born in September 2016 – but it is obviously much better than the A8 which was fitted to the sixth generation of Apple’s portable music player. Just for your viewing pleasure and to get a better idea of ​​how far you’ve come, we’ve also added the results of the fifth generation iPod touch, released in 2012 and powered by the Apple A5 dual core.

So let’s play the game of comparisons with Geekbench. To go faster, the A10 processor of the iPod touch 2019 displays a Geekbench Single Core score equivalent to that obtained by the A8 chip of the 2015 model … in Multi Core. The 2019 model is almost 12 times more efficient than the 2012 model and 1.86 times more powerful than the 2015 model, with one heart.

In multicore, the A10 obviously also takes control. Having four hearts against two is necessarily an advantage. The 2019 iPod touch is 10.7 times faster than the 2012 model and 1.8 times better than its direct predecessor.

Let’s hit the nail on the head with 3Dmark and the Ice Storm Unlimited review, which measures the graphics capabilities of the device. With its score of 27,076, the 2019 iPod touch is 12.5 times more efficient than the 2012 iPod touch and 1.74 times more powerful than the 2015 model.

Do you have one of these models and ask yourself the question of renewing your device? Power is clearly an asset for this newcomer.

To sum up more succinctly, in general terms, the iPod touch follows in the footsteps of the iPhone 7, also equipped with the A10, with a slight withdrawal. Which is quite logical, the A10 chip on iPod touch is clocked at a lower frequency than on the iPhone 7, 1.62 GHz against 2.34 GHz. That’s enough to enjoy a minimal experience in augmented reality or a few new things like grouped Face Time calls, and then to play, of course. iOS 12 is here and iOS 13 will install without worry on this iPod. So this piece of the past has a future.

Autonomy, flat

Now comes the question of autonomy. For a long time iPod touch has been quite good in this area, very good even. But the last generation had moved back on this point. This new iteration continues on this path and suffers from a disappointing autonomy.

So, where the iPod touch model of 2012 reached 7:30 in video playback, the 2019 model painfully crosses 4:30 … It is more than three hours that have evaporated in the space of seven years. Difficult to justify it. Especially since in use, we find ourselves, logically, having to recharge the animal much more often, which does not benefit from rapid recharging.

This rather short battery life blurs memories of older generations of iPod touch, when these little terminals were like the portable game console. Now the parties are cut short and this last hitch to our expectations makes us wonder if Apple still believes in it…

The verdict of the review

Apple iPod touch 256 GB 2019

The A10 chip boosts the performance of the iPod touch 2019, it is undeniable. The unchanged, more than aging design still apologizes for tons of good and bad reasons – the nostalgia in the two columns.
But the absence of Touch ID, the very average quality of the photo and the very declining autonomy, clearly make one wonder if Apple seriously believes in the interest of updating its iPod touch and giving it the chances of seducing an eclectic audience and then inclined to switch to the iPhone at the first opportunity. We believed in it, but now we have a doubt.
By being kind, you could say that this iPod touch has enough assets to appeal to those who are interested.
By being a little more acerbic (or clairvoyant?), One could say that this iPod touch is the perfect illustration of the recent problems of Apple. Here is a product perfectly positioned in a set of ranges, balanced and not uninteresting, but which does not make the effort to make itself irresistible. An Apple product clearly without the spark of a soul “Who is attached to our soul and the strength to love”.

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