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Apple iPhone XS costs 336 € to produce and is for sale for 1179 €

Apple iPhone XS Max Antenna
These are the latest tops of Cupertino technology.

They are the most advanced smartphones in the world. At least that's how the brand itself describes them, although at least in terms of battery life they are perfectly … mediocre. However, how much does it cost piece by piece to make an Apple iPhone XS Is an Apple iPhone XS Max?

Thanks to the efforts of the publication TechInsights which, like iFixit, has already taken apart the new iOS smartphones. Therefore, his team carried out a careful listing of all components used in smartphones.

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Thanks to this endeavor the aforementioned source can do the math and come up with a production cost approximation. In this sense, we are now certain that the production cost of both is much but much lower than the 1000 euros each requested.

Firstly, it should be noted that these calculations only take the costs of the components and nothing more! No research, development, marketing, distribution, after sales and service, etc. Again, only the cost of each screw, each component of the Apple iPhone XS Max and Apple iPhone XS.

Production cost is well below 1000 €

Secondly, in UK prices start at € 1179 for those who want to buy the new Apple iPhone XS. However this value can easily exceed 1500 € for one of the models with more internal memory. Almost surprisingly the cost of all parts does not exceed three hundred euros according to this source. In this sense we can then see, step by step, the cost of the components of the new mobile devices.

Apple iPhone XS cost iOS
TechInsight now gives us a rough estimate of production cost

In UK, if you are thinking of buying an Apple iPhone XS the price starts at 1179 €. However, this increases to € 1349 with 256GB of memory and € 1579 with 512GB of internal memory. Recalling here the prices practiced in our country.

Here are the production costs of the Apple iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS

Thirdly we can also see the cost of developing the apps present on both devices. This same "slice" also includes the processor (A12 Bionic) as well as modems to ensure connectivity.

Looking at the detailed list of components and their costs, the most expensive part is actually your OLED screen. Therefore, it costs the equivalent of € 65.70 (using the current exchange rate between the euro and the dollar).

Apple iPhone XS Max iOS FirstPost
These are the latest mobile devices from US technology.

Soon after we find the above mentioned processor which costs about 56.3 € as well as the whole mechanical part, about 38.9 €. In short, the cheapest component is its battery, which costs about 5.5 € for the Cupertino technology.

Only component costs were taken into account

In short, to make a 256GB Apple iPhone XS, the brand spends about $ 395.44 or about $ 336.20. On the other hand, the asking price in store is about 4 times higher than this figure.

At the same time, the production cost of an Apple iPhone XS Max is similar to that of iPhone XS. Therefore, this terminal uses a larger screen, now costing around € 68.4 as well as the same processor – around € 61.2. Its battery costs 7,7 €, being again the most economical component.

All in all, the larger model with 256GB of storage costs Apple about $ 443 or about $ 367.7. This same terminal is sold in UK for 1449 €. About this model you can find more information here.

Prices of the various versions and models can be found on the brand's official page.

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