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Apple iPhone XR. After 1 month of use, the best apple smartphone

It's been 1 month since a new adventure with the Apple iPhone XR began. Thus, there was enough time for the entire terminal to be analyzed, including qualities and aspects to improve.

Indeed, one of the most beloved qualities of the Apple iPhone XR is undoubtedly its camera. Who would say that the flagship A single camera – not two like its relatives – could have such a good photographic quality.

Apple iPhone XR

Day or night, in portrait mode or not, little can be pointed to this terminal in the area in question. The compliments are many even at least according to what is said after posting some images on Instagram.

The Apple iPhone XR is more than it sounds!

And the same applies to the front camera. Of course, on the front, we get darker, with softer skin and, above all, with an artificial hair tone. However, it is something that can be adjusted and that, above all, presents itself to like.

On the other hand, there is the build quality. Sublime. If in some respects its price may be higher than required, in this case, compared to other smartphones of different brands, the same cannot be said. In addition, there is the issue of being able to choose from various colors, the one you like best.

At the spec level, nothing to point out either. It's an iPhone that, inside, with the exception of RAM, is the same as the other two, XS and XS Max. However, via the screen, its autonomy is the best you could ask for.

Autonomy makes up for everything on the Apple iPhone XR!

Leaving home and knowing that on a bad day, pass the phrase, the Apple iPhone XR will return with more than 50%, is anything. Like the camera, this is another aspect that makes XR a purchase to consider.

However, the answer to the fact that autonomy is excellent comes from its screen. But calm down. The most economical model screen from Cupertino's company is not OLED, nor does it have a resolution that reaches Full-HD. No way.

So when is this notorious? Well, much less often than you might imagine. In fact, it is quite noticeable when used in an unsupported application, but only for X (and XS). Even so, the same will happen in XS Max, so you can't point it out as too negative.

On YouTube, once again, you may notice slightly that there is a drop in screen resolution, but nothing that allows you to point your finger fiercely. Quite the opposite. It is indeed the best LCD screen on the market in a smartphone.

So what more can be said about it? Little thing. Maybe your price should be slightly lower, yes. However, if the autonomy, camera and iOS are what you are looking for for your smartphone, then the answer is obvious.

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