Apple: iPhone XII concept makes us dream! (video)

Apple: iPhone XII concept makes us dream! (video)

We are still far from seeing a possible iPhone XII on the market, but nothing can stop fans with the best way of telling Apple exactly what they would like to see on the iPhone 2020.

This iPhone XII concept video shows us a smartphone dream. All the features we can imagine that Apple should overlook. Honestly, I don't think half of these features will come true. We have seen Cupertino's company wary of the news and so should the next iPhones.

However, if you are not fascinated by the concept of this so-called iPhone XII, I don't know how to tell you. Of course it is futuristic and unreal, but nothing is lost in dreaming. By the way, António Gedeão already said, "the dream rules the life".

Features of this Apple iPhone XII Concept

In the video we see unique characteristics that are impossible to realize at this time. We have for example wireless charging up to 20 meters. Something that Nokia and other manufacturers have been working on but to no avail.

Apple iPhone XI Concept

We also have a simply bright screen. Curved at the corners and a smartphone without buttons. The corners of the equipment would be haptic feedback to the volume. In fact this already exists and does not seem at all impossible to build.

Finally, we have little details on iOS that I don't think will ever come true. Those side widgets are pretty, but I don't think the Apple design team OCD would admit such a thing. We are in the year 2019 and I still cannot get the icons in the way I want.

In short, this video is good for letting us dream. This is not the first time we have seen products come true due to concepts and ideas. Hopefully, this video will somehow inspire Apple's design team.

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